My Story

Welcome to my recovery story.

I recovered from ME/CFS over four years ago and since then I have written over forty blog posts – all of which are based on my recovery journey. I’ve also written two recovery stories and been interviewed by Raelan Agle, each focuses and talks about my story in a different way.  (Recovery from ME/CFS is so complex, I could do twenty different stories, each focusing on a different aspect!).

Here are the stories:

I would have paid ten thousand pounds.  Read time 10 minutes.  Written seven weeks after my recovery so my understanding of why I’d recovered was much simpler than now.  It focuses on the various treatments/ therapies I’d tried rather than the subtleties.

Six months on from a major ME/CFS relapse I recovered. Heres how.  Read time 5 minutes.  Written two years after my recovery and with a focus on Eden Energy Medicine, the complementary therapy that was a turning point for me.

Ali’s Full ME/CFS recovery story (video)   Listen time 58 minutes (but there are time stamps!) Recorded nearly four years after my recovery. I focus on how learning to love myself (aided by counselling) was a building block for me.  I also talk a little about how  trauma and ME/CFS as I feel this is often not known about.  I think if you listen to this you will feel as if you know more a lot better than through my writings!

The problem with my recovery story.    A look at questions people might be asking themselves about my story.

When my ME/CFS was at its worst and I was struggling to believe I could handle it, I chanced upon a track cyclist writing about recovering from a horrendous accident. Her story gave me hope and confidence that I could do the same. I hope my story gives you this too.  (One day, I’ll write about why I couldn’t even look at ME/CFS recovery stories when I was ill…)

If you feel you need more support, look here: Where can I look for support? Facebook groups and pages to help you on your ME/CFS journey.

Recovery from ME/CFS is complex and has many pieces to it, like a thousand-piece jigsaw.  Everybody’s jigsaw looks a little – or even a lot – different. However, within that jigsaw it’s possible to see a framework, a framework that may potentially be a guide.

Something that can help you spot areas you’re missing or help to contain the concept of what you’re aiming to do in simple enough terms that doesn’t overwhelm your brain!

There are all types of ways to do that framework. Here is the one that I think works for my journey:

Pillars of healing:

Love yourself more.

Stress less, relax more.

Recovery is a journey.

Eat well.

Move gently.

Who can help me? (Using external help (such as Eden Energy Medicine and brain retraining programmes))

Warm wishes


Here are some useful links:

My post: A Messed up Fight or Flight Response?

A post in progress: ‘It wasn’t hope that helped me recover’

Prune Harris’ blog on energy medicine and ME/CFS 

11 1/2 ways Eden Energy Medicine is such a good treatment for ME/CFS.

CFIDS self help group, originally set up by Bruce Campbell

‘You, the healer’: a forty day visualisation programme using the Silva Method

CFS Unravelled blog that talks about the three critical components to recovering from CFS (all of which I had but didn’t realise!)

If you are part of a ME/CFS forum or group – and have found this blog useful, please consider posting a link to my blog and sharing with people you know. I wish I’d known years ago that energy medicine could help me and, I’m guessing that there are other people out there in a similar situation who may be helped by what I’ve written. I hope so!

Also, if there is a topic you would like to see a blog on or if any of the links aren’t working, please email me (via Contact page) or add a comment in the box below.

Thank you.