Monthly Musings

Once or twice a week, I write a short post on my Facebook page. Those posts are often on topics I haven’t written a blog post about yet and I hope contain lots of useful ideas.  The problem being they quickly get lost on Facebook – and can be hard to search for. So, at the end of each month, I’m going to collate them into one blog post where they will always be easily accessible and you can search for either by category or by using the search box.

This will, also, give those of you who don’t follow me on Facebook a chance to see what I’ve written in those shorter posts.  If you’re deciding whether to follow me on Facebook or not, I do also sometimes share posts from other people and those are not included here. Plus you may find it easier to take in what I’m saying if it’s in smaller chunks (though there’s no guarantee that all my posts will appear on your wall – who knows how Facebook decides what you see??) Click here for my Facebook page and click here to get details of my blog posts by email.

No promises for the quality of the writing as one of my aims is for my Facebook posts not to be too big – or too perfectionist – a job! If something’s not clear, just put a comment at the bottom and I will reply.

Warm wishes


Monthly Musings: May 2019 Facebook posts

Some words soothe, some words agitate.

Unconscious incompetence to unconscious competence

Go for the simple option, not the ‘best’ one.

Calming down the biological stress response.

I focused on improvement rather than recovery because I was afraid.

An ME/CFS personality?

Monthly Musings: April 2019 Facebook posts.

Relaxation is a direction, not a goal.

The 80:20 Rule for out of the ordinary events.

Take a break – an important part of managing ME/CFS (and recovery).

Are you fearful or hopeful about the future?

7 Tips about pleasure to help an overactive nervous system.

Monthly Musings: March 2019 Facebook posts.

Traumas, triggers and flares

Overcoming the completion compulsion.

No wonder recovery took so long, I needed to change my values along the way….

Today I feel pressure.

How to feel supported without talking to anybody.

Monthly Musings: February ’19 Facebook posts.

Here’s my collection of posts from February  2019. Click on the headings below to take you to that topic.

The ME/CFS thousand-piece jigsaw.

A Bad Day plan

Put how you feel above getting things done.

Starting to meditate.

Are you overwhelmed or are you stagnating?

Tapping Meditations – a simple, no-cost tool worth trying.

Monthly musings: January ‘19 Facebook posts.

Here’s my collection of posts from January 2019. Click on the headings below to take you to that topic.

Happy New Year to you.

Making links.

Aggressive rest therapy.

Overcoming barriers.

Why is socialising so difficult?