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I would have paid ten thousand pounds.   The cornerstone post of this blog: the story of my recovery from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

A Messed up Fight or Flight Response?  This post talks about whether my experience of CFS fits with the hypothesis that CFS is affected by an overactive/ underactive fight or flight response.

Finding out more about Eden energy medicine. A post full of links to help you find out ‘What exactly is energy medicine’

Will Energy Medicine help me?.  If you don’t have chronic fatigue but are interested in whether energy medicine could help you or someone you know, this post has some suggestions.

Why did I never think of that? and Tips on how to find a reputable practitioner both talk about steps to take to make sure you choose a practitioner that can help you.

Energy medicine exercises for after recovery Gives you an idea of the type of exercises I am continuing to do.

It’s been SO SO long.   My very first blog where I am just giddy with happiness that I’ve recovered.

Why not?.  Here I talk about why I started this blog.

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