It would be lovely if you could just read this page and totally understand why you had chronic fatigue syndrome and what to do about it, but insights into ME/CFS don’t come that easily! Plus the insights you need, may be very different from the ones I needed.  But I offer these posts in the hope that you may gain a little insight into your ME/CFS, a little guidance along your way.

Here’s the posts so far:

A Messed up Fight or Flight Response?   Or how I made sense of my ME/CFS.  There’s a Background reading to ‘A Messed up Fight or Flight Response?’ to go along with that.

Of course, you may gain insights by reading my story: I would have paid ten thousand pounds

I’m just finishing one post (on special events) but the one after that will be me delving into what was different about my situation that led me to my recovery.  If you would like to know when that post is published, follow me on Facebook and if you’d like to get in touch with me, you can do that either via Facebook or through my  Contact page.  I’m also just starting out on Pinterest, here’s  where I post new blog posts.

Thank you!