Hidden side

ME/CFS is definitely not in the mind but how we think, the feelings we have, the beliefs we hold can make managing ME/CFS a whole lot easier or a whole lot more difficult.   I – as many people – with ME/CFS have had to go on a very bumpy journey as I’ve struggled with many aspects of ME/CFS. Blog posts in this section are all about what I’ve learnt – or experienced in my journey – in the hope that they can give you a little helping hand on yours, a little inspiration and a little encouragement.  You can’t really talk about strategies that help ME/CFS as I do under my ‘Toolkit’ section without talking about the hidden side so you will find blogposts I’ve ‘filed’ under Toolkit also fit here too!  If you want to hear when my next post comes out, subscribe here.

I’ve also started a ‘Let it all out Thursday’ post on Facebook where there’s a short little bit each week on feelings.  Here’s the link for my Facebook page.

Posts so far include:

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Blogposts yet to be written so keep a watch out or tell me any you’re really interested in:

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I CANNOT BELIEVE it: how my relapse turned out to a blessing in (very heavy) disguise.

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