Eden EM

The alternative therapy that I used to recover from ME/CFS is called Eden Energy Medicine.  At the time of my recovery, there was only one webpage talking convincingly about how Eden Energy Medicine could help so I decided to start this blog to increase that number!

Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) is the complementary therapy that was the turning point in my recovery from ME/CFS three and a half years ago.  It was also the difference to my recent recovery from a bike accident (with minor concussion) where I was experiencing high levels of fatigue (40% on ME/CFS scale) ten weeks after the accident.

It is a very gentle complementary therapy where the practitioner is able to check what treatment you need, check when your body has had enough and track whether the treatment has helped. There are also simple exercises to do at home (max probably 20 mins a day). It doesn’t involve your brain and as I have a very complex brain, this is one of the bits I liked best.

I’ve written a fair few pages to help people understand what Eden Energy Medicine is and how to go about getting a  practitioner. Prune Harris (a very experienced practitioner also has a couple of posts about ME/CFS and EEM, which are worth looking at.  Here’s the list:

Finding out more about Eden energy medicine

Energy medicine exercises for after recovery

Tips on how to find a reputable practitioner

Why did I never think of that?   (Questions to ask a practitioner)

Will Energy Medicine help me?  (Ways to find out what else Eden Energy Medicine can help)

Eden Energy Medicine Sessions, Eden Energy Medicine Sessions Part 2 and Eden Energy Medicine Sessions Part 3 aim to make visible what having Eden Energy Medicine might look like by talking about some further sessions I’m having.

Prune’s posts: Chronic Fatigue – steps to full recovery

Clinical approaches to ME/CFS

And you can read more about my story here:

Links to a audio version and a shorter version are on the My Story page.