For thirteen years, I had ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. For most of those years, although my life was limited and I had to be careful, it was manageable – I was able to work for 25 hours a week, I could walk, cycle, orienteer and go on holiday. However, in October 2016, I had a major major relapse. I was off work for eight weeks and, when I was able to go back, all I could do was six hours a week. In those dark dark days, I started to research again about how to help ME/Chronic Fatigue. This led me to eventually to have treatments of something called Eden energy medicine. After four treatments (and a holiday), I found to my delight that my energy was back.

ME/Chronic fatigue is a funny beast, in that you just stop believing that recovery is possible. That is certainly what the doctors are telling you. Anybody who has recovered, you look upon with suspicion. That is until you read something that looks a bit more likely. Well, that is what it was like for me. So now, I find myself recovered and thinking, if I can help just one person look into recovery, I will be happy. This blog is an attempt to do that.

The cornerstone of this blog is the story about my recovery: I would have paid ten thousand pounds. and this is the best post to start with.   Start here  is a good stop after that as it gives suggestions of which other posts to read.



A blog offering practical and emotional support for those with ME/CFS

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