Tips on how to find a reputable practitioner

When I was doing a bit of surfing on the internet about energy medicine, I came across a great article ‘How to reboot your energy for Spring‘ by Sheryl Dluginski where she advocates a practical approach to alternative therapies. I linked to Sheryl’s article in my blog, Why did I never think of that?, but felt that the points Sheryl made about finding a practitioner were worth reproducing in full, so here they are! Sheryl’s points are relevant for whether you are looking for an Eden energy medicine practitioner or another complementary therapy discipline.

Thank you to Sheryl for permission to do this. Sheryl is a Eden Energy Medicine practitioner and a Fitness/Pilates instructor based in New York; her web address is here: Generations Fitness.

From ‘How to reboot your energy for Spring’

The best way to know for sure if energy medicine is right for you is to try it yourself.
Here are some tips for how to find a reputable practitioner:
1. Know what to ask.
Request information about their certifications and related education. Good practitioners have spent years studying and practicing their craft under the guidance of more advanced teachers. Continuing education should be a staple of their professional diet.
2. Know what to look for.
Seek a practitioner who is able to explain, in down-to-earth language, how their method works. A good practitioner aims to empower clients with an emphasis on the self-help aspects of healing work. They should come with great references — preferably from people you know and trust.
3. Know what to avoid.
Practitioners with brief or undocumented training, who play up the mysterious aspects of their healing gifts or present themselves as miracle workers are less likely to be effective. Untrustworthy practitioners foster client dependence on the “healer” and minimize the importance of self-help homework techniques.

Taken from: How to reboot your energy for Spring

If you want to look for a Eden Energy Medicine practitioner, this link  takes you to the official directory. If there is nobody close to you and you find it difficult to travel, it may also be worth contacting the closest practitioner to see if they can help: I did that and was put in touch with Angie Sanders, who – blessedly- lives only half an hour away from me. Angie was just finishing her training at that time.  If you are put in touch with a practitioner who is not on the list, it would be worth asking why (the Innersource list is for practitioners who are insured and up-to-date with the continuing education requirements).

If you are still struggling to find a practitioner, it is worth asking on one of the Facebook groups as the groups, apart from being very friendly and helpful, include many of the practitioner trainers with a good knowledge of who is where within the EEM world . (See my post Will Energy Medicine help me? or  Finding out more about Eden energy medicine for details about the Facebook groups.)

It is a real bummer if nobody is close to you as the energy medicine sessions are really designed to be given in person.  Prune Harris is able to do sessions over Skype but has a long waiting list (three years when I checked).  However, that is better than never….  Some of the very experienced practitioners, such as Kelmie Blake also offer Skype sessions. If you are thinking of having sessions over Skype, I would suggest you ask about how they track the energies and give treatments as I’m not quite sure how they do this!  If you are just interested in learning techniques, a Skype session would work and many practitioners offer this.

You may also want to keep checking back here (or follow me!) as I will be doing a post – at some point! – on what Energy Medicine techniques helped me.


If you are part of a ME/CFS forum or group – and have found this blog useful, please consider posting a link to my blog and sharing with people you know. I wish I’d known years ago that energy medicine could help me and, I’m guessing that there are other people out there in a similar situation who may be helped by what I’ve written. I hope so!

Also, if there is a topic you would like to see a blog on or if any of the links aren’t working, please email me (via Contact page) or add a comment in the box below.

Thank you.


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