Energy medicine exercises for after recovery


In my post I would have paid ten thousand pounds, I talk about how Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) helped me to recover from chronic fatigue (CFS). It wasn’t just the sessions I had with Angie, my practitioner, it was also the exercises and routines I did in between. But that emphasis on self-help – one of the very best aspects of energy medicine – doesn’t stop when you recover, it continues. In this post, I am going to talk about the exercises I have been doing in the two/ three months since my recovery: the ones that have helped improve my sleep, helped me stop getting headaches and (finally) to reduce bouts of lightheadedness.

I do about five minutes of exercises each morning, starting with the Crossover Shoulder Pull. Perhaps, one day I will write a blog on this exercise alone because until I started to see my practitioner I don’t think I understood the importance of this exercise. I shall shout, in case any of you out there need to here it as loud and clearly as I did!

IF YOU ARE ILL, you need to do the Crossover shoulder pull several times a day before you can improve. 

So for the first month or so of treatment, I would do the shoulder pull whenever I could: walking up the stairs, driving the car, sitting on the toilet! You get the idea. Because it is so important, I still do the exercise even now: always starting my mornings with it. It helps that I like doing it too. It feels relaxing and comforting to me. It is one of the simplest exercises to do where you pull your hand from the opposite shoulder to your same side hip and then repeat on the other side. Do this as many times as you would like.

The second one I do balances the triple warmer meridian. According to Chinese Medicine, the triple warmer meridian is responsible for the sympathetic nervous system (the fight/ flight response). Donna Eden talks about this in depth in her book ‘Energy Medicine’ and describes ‘chronic fatigue’ as the flight/ fight switch always being on. What Donna doesn’t make completely clear in her book is that if your illness possibly stems from a triple warmer overload (i.e. fight/ flight response on high alert) is that you have to tread warily. (Or better still let a practitioner guide you). This is probably why I wasn’t given the ‘Cover your eyes’ exercise to do until my fifth session. However, as I still feel edgy at times even with my energy back, I felt that the habit of being on alert was still very strong and this exercise feels that it keeps that alertness in check. (I’ve also found that I need to do ten minutes of meditation a day as well.). Here is a link to Prune Harris doing  ‘Cover your eyes’.

The third one I do is called ‘figures of eight’. When I went for my final session – two or three weeks after I got my energy back – the treatment Angie gave me was this and this is the one she suggested I did at home. Angie told me this was a very good exercise for when your body doesn’t want anything else: a bit like when the only music you can cope with is very quiet and very gentle! All you do is make figures of eights with your hands around your body: in front, behind, above your head, to your side.

If I have time, I do one called ‘Separating heaven and earth‘ to prevent me getting lightheaded. (I don’t think it’s acknowledged at all in conventional medicine but during much of the time I had CFS I would feel spaced out and as if everything was in my head and nothing was in the rest of my body. In EEM – and other alternative therapies – this is described as not being grounded.) So when I do this one, I normally look down at my feet to help me being grounded).

Just about every evening, just before I go to bed, I do what is called the Daily Energy Routine (DER): a set of exercises to help your body be healthy. I will probably do a whole blog on the DER at some point. In the meantime, here is a link. (If you want to see how to do the crossover shoulder pull, this is included in the DER video.)

It is nearly twelve weeks since I first started to think I was recovering from my chronic fatigue (CFS). It took me a couple of weeks more to realise that some of my other symptoms weren’t disappearing in the same kind of way and that I wanted to make sure they did! Since then, I’ve been doing the exercises above as well as continuing to do a small amount of meditation. My health isn’t perfect yet but I’ve been able to come off my chronic headache tablets, my sleep is much, much better (except when I’m really busy ☹️) and my lightheadedness happens only occasionally. Not bad, eh.



If you are part of a ME/CFS forum or group – and have found this blog useful, please consider posting a link to my blog and sharing with people you know. I wish I’d known years ago that energy medicine could help me and, I’m guessing that there are other people out there in a similar situation who may be helped by what I’ve written. I hope so!

Also, if there is a topic you would like to see a blog on or if any of the links aren’t working, please email me (via Contact page) or add a comment in the box below.

Thank you.


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